Pillows and duvets in
stock now for this fall!

The Bed & Bath team of hospitality professionals is in the business of innovating, designing and producing hotel cosmetics, bespoke products and all sorts of hotel equipment especially manufactured for hotels and resorts. We love to partner up with our customers to create an exciting addition to the guest experience. No matter what you want to achieve, we’ll help you get the right feeling. For those of you who have stayed in a hotel and want to bring that wonderful hotel feeling home with you
- welcome to us!

Hotel pillows, duvets and luxurious bathrobes

Create a fantastic sleeping experience with our fine hotel pillows, duvets and add a luxurious bathrobe to top it all off!
We have pillows and duvets in all sizes and of course in stock for immediate delivery to you.

Ritz - the best rollaway bed on the market

Ritz is our robust rollaway bed that has a real mattress and headboard. It folds up and rolls away smoothly thanks to its four movable and sturdy wheels. 
Available in four different models and a lot of accessories.
In stock for immeditate delivery!